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New Performix ADA Trench Drain Shower Pan

Swan ADA Trench Drain Shower Pan

Code Compliance has Never Looked so Good!

The new Performix ADA trench drain shower pans have it all – code-compliant pan sizes and stylish patented wall-to-wall trench drain for water containment. Made of high-performance Swanstone®, Performix pans ensure easy maintenance and quick installation.


Performix ADA trench drain shower pans are available by quote only. Contact Swan Customer Service for your quote today!

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Exploring Shower Pans: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom

What is a Shower Pan? A shower pan, or a shower base or tray, is your shower floor's foundation. It acts as a watertight barrier, ensuring proper drainage and preventing leaks. A properly installed shower pan is essential for maintaining a water-tight, leak-free shower. It protects your bathroom floor and tub surround areas from water damage while also providing a comfortable and safe showering experience. When installed correctly, the shower pan becomes integral to your bathroom's waterproofing system. By effectively containing water within the shower area, it prevents moisture from seeping into surrounding walls and flooring, minimizing the risk of costly water damage and potential mold growth. This protective function ensures that your bathroom remains pristine and safe for years. In addition to its practical purpose, a shower pan enhances your overall showering experience. It offers a comfortable and secure surface for you to enjoy a relaxing bath, free from concerns about slips or spills. Understanding the available shower pan sizes and dimensions is crucial in selecting the perfect fit for your bathroom. When you invest in Swan’s high-quality shower pan, you are making a long-term commitment to the durability and longevity of your shower space. It becomes a foundational component of a well-designed bathroom, ensuring your daily showering routine is not only efficient but also a pleasurable experience. With Swan’s solid surface shower pans, you can rely on slip-resistant surfacing and versatile styling. From compact corner showers to spacious walk-in showers, understanding the available sizes will help you choose the perfect fit for your bathroom.