Commercial & Residential Applications

Swan products have the durability, strength and renewability to withstand the rigors of both private and public facilities.

Swan Provides Commercial Solutions that Last

“For sustainability it can’t be beat. University of North Texas has been installing Swanstone products for the last eight years in its dormitories.”

- Jeffery Hilliard, Project Manager, University of North Texas

“We have specified Swanstone for years, over the long haul it is a cost effective solution for such severe use applications. Swanstone stands up to tenant abuse!”

- Charles Hillier, Architect, Arnold Jacobson Architects

“We’ve been specifying the Swanstone wall panels for showers and bathtubs in multi-family developments for many years with fantastic results. I’d recommend the Swanstone panels to anyone who needs a durable, attractive surfacing.”

- Mark Dillon, President of Eggemeyer Associates Architects