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Customer Reviews:
  • ★★★★★ Love This Gorgeous Sink ..Shows No Spots. I would marry this sink , love it so much . Got rid of the stainless dual sided hunker for this sleek yacht of a sink . I was always using soft scrub and fighting water spots in the stainless and with this sink it can need cleaning and i would not know it . I just use a spray bottle with vinegar and dawn , no other cleansers and just a wipe with the sponge . Oh and did I say how uplifting just dropping a beautiful sink like this is into your space??! The shape is perfect for big pots and extra stack of dishes before you do them. Get you one of these , you wont regret. Check pricing on all colors as one is usually on sale like now 183 vs 243 ! No really pricey sink is better . No scratching either . I hung a cool touchless faucet on it .
  • Product : Swan Drop-In/Undermount Solid Surface 33 in. 1-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Sink in Bermuda Sand
  • Date : October 28, 2019
  • ★★★★★This was the perfect solution for a condo I was renovating to sell. I bought two for two different bathrooms with white vanities. The sink looks good, is light and easy to install. My goal was to make everything look new and clean. I was not expecting a marble or other high-end look. I read reviews that were disappointed and thought it looked cheap. I disagree. This met my expectations and was the perfect solution for the price.
  • Product : Swan Ellipse 43 in. W x 22 in. D Solid Surface Vanity Top with Sink in White
  • Date : October 15, 2019
  • ★★★★★ This is probably the best shower pan on the market. I used another very popular brand last year in another bathroom and the first thing we had to do was put anti slip strips on it. Not easy as the bottom was textured and supposed to be non slip to begin with. NOT! If it is a shinny acrylic pan it is slippery and dangerous. I tore out a 25 yr old Swan TUB and full enclosure that did not have a flaw in it. Don't know how long they have been making things but all the products are top quality. This pan is not slippery at all and it is rock solid walking on. It feels like your walking on a tiled floor. I was very hesitant about the drain setup. I kept looking at it and saying to myself that has to leak. It not only does not leak but its the simplest drain I have ever installed.
  • Product : R-3248 32" x 48" Veritek Single Threshold Shower Pan