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Chesapeake Vanity Top
Model #: CH1B-22xx

Single Bowl Tops

CH1B-2225 (22-1/2"D x 25"W)
CH1B-2231 (22-1/2"D x 31"W)
CH1B-2237 (22-1/2"D x 37"W)
CH1B-2243 (22-1/2"D x 43"W)
CH1B-2249 (22-1/2"D x 49"W)
CH1B-2255 (22-1/2"D x 55"W)
CH1B-2261 (22-1/2"D x 61"W)

  • Available Colors

Key Benefits

  • Bowl size 19" x 13" x 6 1/8" (483mm x 333mm x 156mm)
  • Larger bowl, thicker edge and taller backsplash are an upgrade from Ellipse collection vanity tops.
  • Reinforced solid surface means color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away.
  • Coordinates with Swanstone shower and bath systems.
  • Easily accommodates all faucet styles.
  • Acetone will not harm.
  • Hot curling irons will not burn.
  • Make-up and hair-dye can be buffed out with household cleansers.